The Eulogy for My Mother

Tim Varner
4 min readFeb 9, 2021
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I was recently going through things making space for our newest baby boy and I came across the eulogy I had written for my mother when I was 18. Fresh out of high school and living alone with my mother I wasn’t prepared for this turn of events and I wanted to share.

Accolade of Great Woman

How can you put into words the kind of woman my mom was? My mom was and still is an amazing person. She’s a friend to all and family to us. My mom worked her whole life and strove for the best at everything she did. If she happened to fail, which wouldn’t happen often, she kept on pushing forward and that says a lot about her character. No matter how bad her day was at work or home, she put on a smile for the surrounding people, especially my sister and me. My mom gave us so much love and care but still felt as if she was falling short. No matter how much my mom believed she was letting us down I can honestly say she wasn’t in any way. My mom would cry and tell us she was trying her best, but what we got wasn’t HER best, it was THE best.

My sister and I shared so many great times with our mom, and they will be cherished and never lost. She brought a smile to everyone she was around with the silly, corky and somewhat corny things she did. No matter how corny the things may have been, they were out of love, they always made us laugh and always brought a smile to our face. My mom was and still is a brilliant woman. Sure she’s get lost when I’d try to explain my latest math assignment to her. But no matter how confused she might be she would always sit down and do her best to help. Most of the time we would get lost together, but at least we were on the same page.

When I sat down and began to write this I was told to recall all the good times, but all I can recall is the times my sister and I would stir up trouble, which was on many occasions. My sister and I would start some trouble, get caught, and my mom would chase us around with her wooden spoon as we ran for our lives making sure we covered our behinds. But even though those times spelled trouble for my sister and I, they were the times we were able to look back on and laugh the most.

My mom was a great woman. She loved her job, friends, and her family. One hundred percent of the time she put them above herself. My mom and I…

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