How to Write A Proper Suicide Note

Tim Varner
5 min readJan 26, 2021

In the Beginning

With your last line, what would you say?

How do you end all communication along with existence?

The criteria for writing your final act, the last piece of art to ever describe you, has always been a puzzling one to me. I recall the ideas and thoughts in notes I have heard of and try to understand the process in which one goes through to express their life in a single document.

To Whom It May Concern

When addressing this note, who is it to be directed to? Do you single out a sole individual, a group of people, family, friends, or someone you’ve never met? I have heard of all these options being used, but how do you decide? Without knowing how much of an impact this letter will make, are you able to direct it to anyone without them feeling guilt? Or does it pose more meaningful that your last form of communication was directed towards someone, posing as your last thought on Earth? I believe keeping it vague can avoid all misinterpretation of blame or favoritism.

Tag, You’re It

Writing a note of hostility can have quite an impact. If you are to single out an individual or group of people to blame for your actions, how will it make them feel? If they become upset and depressed over the act does that determine the success of the letter? If the ones you’ve blamed don’t seem to care, is that a knock on your writing style or sincerity? I don’t think blaming anyone for your act is ever needed. No one person made you pull that trigger or tie that knot, although their attitudes towards you may have some influence, they never delivered that lethal dose.

Remember the good? Highlight the bad?

In the main section of your document do you relish the times you were happy and what others could have done to keep that feeling going? Or do you simply focus on the underlying circumstances of why you had taken your life? Obviously, no one will commit this act out of sheer happiness, so how do you address the times? Do you thank the ones who treated you well? Or do you tarnish the lives of the ignorant fools? If you’re writing of the good times, then I believe you can realize not all is lost. If anything in life…

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