Flying With Sewn Wings

Tim Varner
1 min readJan 14, 2021
Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash

As depression soars and the darkness veils

We look to hope in magnificent scales

Without the understanding of why we’re tied down

We lack the sensibility to forge our crown

We can never comprehend why life throws us curves

Forgetting the right path when our judgment swerves

I believe we can all look through the eyes of a damaged dove

Never experiencing flight in the skies above

When we try to fly with sewn wings

We tend to forget what our footsteps bring

Progress is capable no matter how bleak

We advance in ways through whatever we seek

A broken window and shattered pane

Can still possess a view of fortune and fame

We tend to forget the road we travel

Focusing on problems as they unravel

We may be limited to a flightless life

But we all possess the ability to dull our knife

The cut can be deep but the wound will heal

Leaving a scar and story to reveal

Cherishing what we have has somehow gone astray

But as the saying goes, every dog has it day

Remember where you came from and don’t force fate

Walk before you fly and you’ll never be late



Tim Varner

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